At Sumter Christian School, we believe that the purpose of education is spiritual, academic, moral, and consists of developing good citizenship. Through our daily academic schedule we see the teacher as the primary instructor and source of authority within the classroom and the student as the on-task learner of objective content and concepts. All of our courses are designed to encourage deep mental processing, student engagement with the class material, critical thinking, and spiritual growth. We offer College Preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement (Dual Enrollment) courses.




Initially, students will be given the entrance testing that we give to all new students entering grades 1-12. After this testing, to be eligible for consideration in the TLC, a student’s score must be as follows: between 75-99 on the ability test, below 35th percentile on the math procedures section, or below the 35th percentile on the reading comprehension section. In addition to entrance testing, an eligible student may submit a previously documented Individual Education Plan (IEP) for consideration.

If the administration deems it necessary, further testing (e.g. Woodcock Johnson, etc.) may be needed to determine exact placement in the Target Learning Center for any of the academic areas.


The TLC is not designed to reform or discipline students who have behavior issues. Because of the nature of the TLC, students who are disruptive will not be allowed to continue in this program so we can devote our time and attention to those who demonstrate a need and a desire for it. Procedures for discipline are instituted by the director and approved by the administrator, and these procedures will quickly remove those who are obvious distractions or hindrances to the other students in the group.


The administration will develop a schedule that works best for the overall program, and classroom teachers adjust their daily routines to fit the schedule for the TLC. Students who attend TLC will leave their regular classroom during the regular time of that subject so they do not miss other areas of instruction. Scheduling conflicts will be resolved by the administration.

Class size

The student-teacher ratio will be limited to 8 to 1 during any given hour of instruction, but effort will be given to keep the ratio 5 to 1, especially for lower elementary grades, all math, and language arts.


The TLC will consist primarily of the lead teacher/director, who reports directly to the administrator of Sumter Christian School. Other faculty, volunteers, and teacher aides will be provided as needed and will report to the director of the TLC.

Academic Requirements in non-TLC Classes

Students who are taking any TLC class are graded in all their classes on the SC ten-point grading scale, which has 60 as the lowest passing grade. If a student struggles academically but has no Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a Targeted Learning Plan (TIP) he is eligible for one of our daily TLC resource help classes.


TLC is designed to help students with their learning differences in the areas of language arts and math. In order to devote as much time as possible to both language arts and math, mainstream teachers will provide the necessary accommodations and modifications within their classes to help the students gain a general understanding of the material.


The cost for the TLC is in addition to all the tuition, registration, and other fees applicable to all students. The amount is set annually by the School Committee for Sumter Christian School, and the amount for 2021-22 is $1,650 per course annually, which is about $9.00 per hour calculated over the 180 days of school.

Promotion and Graduation

If the director’s evaluation of a student indicates that the student is ready to be removed from the TLC program and returned to the mainstream classroom, he/she will meet with the administrator and the two of them will make this decision together. A student may stay within the TLC framework throughout the remainder of his school years, either taking specific classes or taking an entire course load. When a student needs to take his entire core course load through TLC, he will still join the standard class for non-academic activities. Generally, a student who takes the entire course load (or a majority of his course work) through the Target Learning Center should expect to graduate with a general diploma (rather than the College Prep or Honors Diploma that we offer). It can usually be earned within a traditional four-year high school format.