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"Sumter Christian School has definitely been a life changer for me as well as my son.  My son has attended this wonderful school since Pre-k. The curriculum is outstanding and my son is learning at a very fast pace. The curriculum in comparison with public school setting is very advanced. The teachers are wonderful, communication is superb, and everyone is very friendly and caring. The administration is always on top of things and they treat every situation in a fair and diverse manner. My son is only in the 3rd grade and he is very articulate with writing, biblical knowledge, arithmetic, and his grammar is superb. I have no regrets in choosing Sumter Christian School as my choice for my son's future. I can't say it enough: Thank You Sumter Christian for All You Do!!!"

Alicia H.

"My time for both myself and my children has been nothing short of a blessing. I attended SCS for many many years (K3-12th), and had not only a great academic education, but enjoyed sports, Fine Arts, field trips, and most importantly, learned about Jesus daily and the importance of having Him in our lives. While no school is perfect, Sumter Christian strives to help each child do their best. They offer smaller classes for more one-on-one attention, before and after school daycare, TLC, and have Bible-based standards for guiding children as they learn and grow. I am very thankful for the opportunity to send my children to Sumter Christian."

Jennifer P.

"My husband and I have the honor of sharing our testimonial about our experience with Sumter Christian School. We believe having small class sizes are certainly a plus allowing the students to obtain more individualized help with their studies. Every teacher has been willing to assist in the needs of our child. We are also very encouraged to have our son come home and share lessons he is learning in Bible class. It is a great comfort to us that our son is in a safe environment. Sumter Christian has an excellent sports program that teaches sportsmanship and how to get along with others even in an adverse situation. We are so glad we chose Sumter Christian for our son."

Brent and Crystal A.

"Our son started at Sumter Christian School last year when we moved into the area.  He had attended public school up until this point.  We found the transition difficult at first. The curriculum at Sumter Christian is good but challenging.  They emphasize the fundamentals including spelling and grammar.  I wish he would have started sooner because they still teach cursive writing in the elementary school.  He never learned this skill in public school, and I feel this has been a disservice to him.  I also have been impressed with the level of care and concern expressed by the teachers.  We are always able to contact someone if we have a question and I feel they have a real sense of concern for how their students are doing.  My son is a very active child with ADHD. His teachers have worked well with him, and he has been able to participate in sports all year long (soccer, basketball, and baseball) to help burn off his energy and learn how to work within a team environment."

David and Jill B.

Parent Testimonials: Testimonials

“We are so glad that we decided to send our son David to Sumter Christian.  We had to make the choice 2 1/2 years ago after the school he had been going to for 6 years closed.  Our decision was easily made after our school tour.  The staff was warm and welcoming.  The school met all of the criteria we were looking for like smaller classes, Christian Values, Bible class, a great sports program, and a feeling of family.


The teachers are very dedicated and go over and beyond to help each student do their best but, also teaching them to become independent responsible young adults.  The sports program is great.  The coaching staff is remarkable in the fact that they are mentoring and teaching the kids to push themselves to do their best, show leadership, Christian values, and good sportsmanship on and off the field/court. 


We like the FACTS Parent Portal with the ability to email the teachers, and to also monitor our child’s progress/grades throughout the year.  SCS is consistently improving the website to make it more convenient to use, and to make communication with text alerts/ emails easier for the parents.


We are thankful for Sumter Christian School because, with the ever changing world that we are living in today, we see the school as the “Light” that my child needs to become the well-rounded young adult that we want him to be.”

David and Wendy M.

"Since enrolling our son at SCS, we have seen a remarkable improvement in all disciplines: academics, citizenship, athletics, and Godliness. It is a tremendous joy to watch him grow into a young man of faith and integrity.


I particularly appreciate that SCS does not treat the Gospel as an afterthought, but weaves the Truth of the Word into every lesson, every subject, every day. The biblical worldview that is instilled not only prepares the students to face the spiritual world in which we live, the academic rigor of SCS prepares them for the challenges of higher education, the work force, and interaction in professional settings.


The small class sizes give our son access to his teachers when he needs it, and we also have direct and easy access to them whenever we need it. This level of community and communication is otherwise unfound in my experience in any public school.


As a military member, I also appreciate that SCS elects to use the ABEKA curriculum, which is recognized nationally, so that in the event of a permanent change of station, our son will be familiar with the curriculum at another private school elsewhere.


In short, I strongly endorse, recommend, and trust Sumter Christian School to partner with me as a parent for the responsibility to educate my child."

James M.

"As a military family, we have experienced public school, homeschool, and a few private schools. SCS has been our best experience yet! We have 3 children enrolled at SCS, ranging from K3 to 8th grade, each with their own unique set of strengths and needs. Every teacher we have had at SCS has accepted and encouraged our children while challenging them to improve.

Above all, we cannot express how highly we value the spiritual discipleship that each of our children receives from all the faculty and staff. They are truly living out the Christian principles being taught and leading by example."

My eldest daughter said to me recently, ‘I wish there were more schools like ours so more kids could learn about God…and it’s fun!’

Chris and Zaneta K.

I have two children that have attended, one is currently a senior and the other is in 4th grade. The teachers and administrators truly care for the students and support them. They are both being challenged and have support from their teachers to learn. Opportunities exist for after school activities with sports and some education clubs available, to include Soccer, Basketball, and education such as robotics club.

Matthew K.

Parent Testimonials: Testimonials


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