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Mission Statement

Sumter Christian School is committed to teaching children in order to "present every man perfect in Christ Jesus" (Colossians 1:28). This purpose is consistent with the edification mandate God gave the church and the home, and thereby provides the "reason for being" for the Christian School. This institution proposes to educate the whole child for Christ and insists that every phase of the program contribute to attaining that goal. Physical education and interscholastic athletics develop the student's physical dimension; banquets, etc., refine his social graces; Bible classes, chapel, and, in a practical sense, every activity, address his spiritual needs; an outstanding faculty and a carefully constructed curriculum work in concert to provide superior academic training. This, we believe, accurately reflects the total growth of the Lord Jesus (Luke 2:52) and is the genius and essence of truly Christian education.

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Vision Statement

Sumter Christian School seeks to lead and nurture students from early childhood through twelfth grade into spiritually, emotionally mature Christians academically prepared to articulate boldly and effectively a biblical worldview that enables them to serve in their careers and callings.

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Sumter Christian School is accredited by the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools (SCACS).

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