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Middle school is often viewed as a time of transition within a student's life. Here at Sumter Christian School we endeavor to equip our students with a Biblical worldview and solid academics so that they can critically think about the world around them as they transition from one stage of life to the next. With the beginning of adolescence, students need the nurture and admonition that SCS offers. Academically, students will be challenged and prepared for high school by taking courses that are rigorous-yet geared for the average student.

Our High School classes are geared academically to meet the needs and challenges facing students as they prepare for college. We offer College Preparatory and Honors classes, as well as Dual Enrollment for qualifying Seniors. For students who need remedial help or struggle with learning difference, SCS is proud to offer help in the Target Learning Center. Call 1-803-773-1902 for more information.

Middle & High School: About Us
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