The Day Care ministry of Sumter Bible Church is provided as a convenience to the parents of SCS students and is administered by the staff of Sumter Christian School.

Early Arrival ‑ Required for any student preschool through 8th grade who arrives before 7:45 a.m. Students may report directly to the classroom after 7:45.

Late Stay ‑ Available for preschool students who do not leave at noon and for students in kindergarten through eighth grade who do not leave at 3:10. A time for doing homework is set aside for those in grades 4 through 8, except on Fridays.

Summer ‑ Available for students from preschool - 6th grade. A full program of activities is scheduled, built on a day camp format. Several field trips are planned. Snacks are served in the morning and afternoon. (Parents may pack snacks or purchase them from the school.) Girls may wear jeans, slacks, culottes, or shorts of modest length and fit; tank tops are not acceptable. Boys may wear jeans, slacks, or shorts of modest length and fit; tank tops are not acceptable. All children must wear shoes and socks, even with sandals, in order to protect their feet on the playground.

Hours ‑ The Day Care is open from 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday during school days, summer, and school holidays. Parents who fail to pick up their children by closing time are charged $5.00 per quarter hour or portion thereof, so that we may compensate the worker overtime for staying late.

Closings ‑ The Day Care operates year round, closing only on New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, MLK Birthday, President's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4, Open House, Labor Day, annual Teachers' Convention, Thanksgiving (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Dec. 26. Variations from this schedule are announced well in advance in the monthly calendar published on this website. Weather closings are also published on the website's homepage and announced over TV Channel 10 and, and email alerts are sent through the schools School's Information System (SIS).

Charges ‑ Charges are calculated by multiplying hours of care provided by a flat hourly rate ($3.60 for 2022-23 - with an $120 maximum cap per week when school is not in session and $80 per week when school is in session) and are computed on a quarter-hour basis. Some parents prefer to pay weekly; a total of weekly charges is available the following Tuesday. Account statements are posted online weekly for parents to review, or they may call the office for the amounts. If the account becomes 30 days in arrears, use of Day Care service is forfeited.

Dress ‑ On school days the dress code outlined in this Parent‑Student Guide applies. Dress for summer Day Care is noted above.

Lunches ‑ Children may bring money for hot sandwiches, snacks, and drinks; or they may bring their own lunches. Preschool and kindergarten students need to bring a snack for the morning; if they stay past 12:00, they need to have lunch. Students who stay past 3:30 need an afternoon snack.

Naps - Preschool students nap from 12:30 until 2:15. A cot is provided for them.